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I'm here to assist in assessing the current geo-political climate and safety of our client's destination choices as well as ensuring governmental regulations and procedures, both at home and abroad, are adhered to for all our travelers.  I have a bachelor's degree in government and law and a master's degree in international

public policy.


I've planned logistics for group travel for many years.  I have taken hundreds of students and groups all over the world. I work with the study abroad and other group travel programs to help group leaders plan the most educational and adventurous trips in the world and then help them market their programs to students and other participants, to ensure a well-promoted, successful, and high-quality experience.  


I am uAdventure's Corporate Travel expert.  I'm dedicated to ensuring your company's travel experience is smooth and effortless.  If you have employee's traveling on a regular basis, or if you want to organize a corporate retreat, call me and I'll get you booked ASAP. 


With six years in hospitality management, I work on finding the perfect accommodations for your travel needs at the best prices available.  Through my connections in the hotel industry, I can better negotiate for you and your group.


My love for the ocean and beaches is what got me interested in cruise travel.  As uAventure's cruise expert, I have access to all major cruise lines around the world including river cruises.  I keep up to date on the latest deals and packages available to our customers!


Adventure travel is what I love to do.  If you are looking for excitement in your trip, I can help you.  I plan all the adrenaline junkie activities for uAdventure travelers.  If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!


With 10 years in hospitality, it would be a pleasure of mine to work alongside you to design a personalized vacation for your family and students. Rather its relaxing nights spent on the beach, or days exploring historical sights. I look forward to helping you create your perfect adventure!


I love to travel to beautiful beaches. I have been down to Mexico several times including, Cancun (got married there in 2016), Riviera Maya, Akumal, Playa Mujeres in October, and Cabo. I have also traveled to the Virgin Islands when I was younger. I have experienced the cruise lines as well. Disney World is another one of my favorites. I have traveled Florida and California also.


Hello ~ I love to travel and explore new places and create memories. I am the mother of two grown children and the memories I have of family vacations throughout the years are irreplaceable. I would love to help you plan your next adventure. There are so many options we can look at for your destination. Contact me and together we will create a vacation you’ll never forget. Memories forever


Hi I'm Charley and I have 20 years of client services, I love helping people. The beach has always been my favorite place and I love to experience new cultures. My husband and I did a destination wedding / honeymoon in Jamaica and it was so amazing. I want to help you plan your adventure, I know the importance of making sure everything is seamless and stress free.


Travel is a passion for me, I believe it's important to take the time to experience new places and meet new people. We took my daughter and her family on their 1st family vacation, seeing my grandson's experiencing the beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico was the best!


Hello! My name is Tyler Manuel, and I'm excited to be on the uAdventure team! I am a graduate of Geneva College with a Masters in Higher Education and a graduate from University of Glasgow in Scotland with a Masters in Museum Studies. I have always travelled from a young age and always continue to do so! My passion lies within education, culture and travel. I'm very excited to help schools and universities plan trips to many different places around the world and open their minds to many different neat things that the world has to offer! I am deaf with a cochlear implant (but I can hear really well with it!!) and a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to two girls and a boy!


I attended travel academy in 2005 graduated and passed the TAP test in 2006 have 5 years of travel agent experience


I love to travel for adventure and relaxing! Deep sea fishing is my favorite for getting away. I love traveling the US seeing so many points of interest we have.


I have been doing hair for over 20 years and I LOVE what I do! People make me HaPpY! I LOVE to travel and I love to hear other people’s travel stories! ❤️ I hope to help you make your next trip a dream come true!


Hi, my name is Teresa and I'm here for all your study abroad needs. I believe...Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell. Thanks to all of my adventures traveling the world, I have many stories! I've been planning travel for many years and would love to help you plan your next "story".


I’m married with two little boys, ages 3 and 1. If you want a personal adventure, try raising two little boys! I’m always striving to do and try new things, thus links me to the exciting world of traveling! There’s a huge world out there, with so much beauty and memories to be made. I’m a firm believer that we should never put off our dreams. Don’t be afraid of living your life right now! “One day” might never come, but today is already here. Happy travels!


My travels have included most of the western United States. I have lived in Alaska, Washington and Idaho. As kids we travelled with our parents. They are the reason I love to travel. I have been obsessed with Italy since I was a teenager and read anything I can get my hands on regarding Italy. I will travel to Italy one day. It is my hope that I can visit most of the world. I am curious about other cultures and would love to get to know more about them.


I absolutely love to travel and I genuinely believe that everyone should travel as often as they can. My only agenda is to get your adventure started. You won’t find a more passionate agent! Let’s talk about where you’re going next.


Having been an avid traveler all my life I truly enjoy putting together trips of a lifetime for my clients! I have been to 6 foreign countries, Puerto Rico and 42 states... I specialize in honeymoons, destination weddings and family travel. Looking forward to working with you soon to create something magical!


I have worked in the hospitality business for over a year and customer service for over 3 years. I have done a lot of travel and have learned the best ways to save money.


My name is Brittany and I would love to help you plan the beginnings of your love story. From destination weddings to honeymoons after, I can help you every step of the way. I have experience in wedding planning and traveling. My favorite places are Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. Even for family vacations, I would be so happy to help you with creating beautiful unforgettable memories!


Business entrepreneur with demonstrated strengths and functional experience in the areas of recruiting, travel, management, planning, training, public relations, employee development, team building, strategic planning, organizational development and change, creation and development of companies in service related industries.


I first fell in love with art history and the different cultures then I fell in love with traveling. There is nothing better than being able to see all the art, architecture, or places that you read about in person. So let me help you make memories and broaden your horizons by booking your next study abroad trip.


I obtained my Bachelors in Travel Industry Management at UH Manoa in Hawaii. I have journeyed all over the globe to satisfy my wanderlust. My Travels have taken me to Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Aruba, Canada, and Mexico. I have firsthand experience on planning complex trips and have also been on two study abroad programs in Japan and United Kingdom. I'm eager to use my knowledge to assist you with all your travel and study abroad needs.


Hello Travelers! I am a seasoned customer service specialist with a love for the travel industry! Let me create a customized travel experience that will leave you with memories you will treasure for a life time! Make it easy to plan your next get away. Call me today!


Helping others along with traveling is a love and passion of mine. I've been blessed enough to take a 2 week vacation to Kailua-Kona Hawaii, along with a visit to Honolulu Hawaii to Peal Harbor. A cruise to Cozumel Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, and Falmouth Jamaica. Being a mother of 3 I know how important family time is, so let me help take some of the stress on your vacation planning so you can experience a more enjoyable vacation!


Call Mia for your Study Abroad travel needs! 


Hello, my name is Sierra. I admire travel throughly. I have been to several places within the states and looking forward to an adventure out of the country soon. I enjoy all aspects of travel from cruises to destination weddings and look forward to servicing you in your journey on finding the perfect place for you and yours.


Hi, I'm Nastassia! I would love to work with you to design a study abroad trip for you and your students. Filled with personalized excursions and adventures intertwined with historical sights and cultural experiences. Imagine teaching your class in a foreign country, with activities and sights that reiterate your lessons! These first-hand experiences build cultural awareness and open the door for future career options for students! I look forward to helping you create your perfect out-of-the-classroom adventure!


Hi my name is Kristy and I am ready to help you with your next adventure. I graduated from McConnell Travel School and I have worked in Customer Service for over 20 years including the Travel industry. My latest adventure is planning and chaperoning bus trips. I am always up for a great adventure and I can not wait to help you plan yours.


I'm just starting out as travel agent, but I have traveled almost every state in the United States. I love to travel and make new memories with friends and family.


With countless beautiful and luxurious destinations to travel, let me be the first step in creating your honeymoon or next adventure with a customized travel experience designed uniquely for you. Specializing in “ROMANCE TRAVEL” I will help you plan your perfect ultimate romantic getaway with stunning, spine tingling surroundings and beaches at one of our all inclusive, luxurious, 5 star Sandals Resorts that will leave you breathless, with memories to share for a lifetime. No fees and easy payment plans takes the worry and stress out of planning allowing you to focus solely on the Romantic adventure that lies ahead. Call me today and let's get started on YOUR next adventure! (314) 498-3600


Call Leevi for your travel needs!


While Rachel has traveled all over the U.S., her true love is the Caribbean. With an eye for detail and years of experience providing Silver Service as a Butler, Rachel has decided to bring her love of service and travel together to become a travel agent. Whether for romance, family or fun, let Rachel tailor a custom getaway for you!


Greetings, my name is Shqiprim Balazoski and I am here to help you travel! I hold a bachelor's degree in Sociology and a master's degree in Sociology - European Societies. I have studied abroad in France and Germany during my undergraduate studies and I have also had the privilege of living in Berlin for three years while I was completing my graduate degree at the Freie Universität Berlin. I grew up between the United States of America and the Balkans and I have experience travelling throughout the European region. I would love to make your travel dreams a reality and give you the opportunity to gain excitement and new cultural experiences that travel can add to life!


My name is Erin and I love a good getaway! I have taken some very exciting trips but nothing makes me happier than planning for others! I have an obsession with scheduling and I guess you could call it OCD! I would love nothing more than to be able to plan your next family vacation or help you make the best memories with friends!


I have always loved the opportunity to travel. I have 3 years of Quality Assurance experience. I'm used watching things from start to finish and making sure it's the very best that it can be.


I focus on anything off the beaten path! That's ecotourism, cultural tourism, and other authentic experiences that are more than just a vacation. I am committed to understanding your needs and discovering the perfect destinations for you, whatever your goal may be. I guarantee that your trip will be anything but ordinary with me!


Call Marva for all your travel needs!


I have traveled all over to different coasts, been on many cruises, Cancan, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, all the Virgin islands. I enjoy new places to take adventures and relax.


I love to travel and have the perfect travel partner with my daughter. I m an Army veteran and have a bachelors degree in History and Anthropology from Our Lady of the Lake University. I have worked in student success and collegiate athletics for over a decade.


Taylor is an expert in world of cruising. She has travelled the world working on board Royal Caribbean ships for four years. She has been to hundreds of ports and visited nearly 60 countries. Whether you are looking for a beach paradise, cultural histories, or breathtaking sceneries, Taylor is happy to help plan the perfect vacation!


Hi! I honestly believe that a vacation is a chance to make memories to last a life time. It can be a relaxing time on a beautiful beach, watching whales breech from the deck of a cruise ship, experiencing food and cultures in another country or being a child again at one of the numerous Disney parks around the world. I would love to help you create those memories by finding the perfect vacation for you and your family!


I'm a pacific islander who was born in the United States. I'm furthering my Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Psychology at Missouri State University. As being traveling from outer state to the united state was one of the greatest thing that I had been experience in my life. I'm a loyal, honest and hardwroking person.