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Have a Group of 10 or more?

We are experts in group travel.  We plan intricate itineraries including air, accommodations, ground transportation, trains, excursions and activities. 


Our group tours include multi-city European excursions, Group cruises, Destination Weddings, Destination Brithday Parties and family reunions. We also plan luxury travel, private group travel, charters, yacht bookings, and difficult to find event ticket bookings.

uAdventure Travel Custom Concierge Planning for Groups of 10 or more.

Does trip planning get overwhelming?  Does it take too much time and effort? Is it difficult to get everything and everyone organized? The point of a group trip is to get away and enjoy each other.  Stop worrying and let us handle the logistics.

So, you are trying to plan your dream vacation experience, but where do you start planning? Are you frustrated searching through all of the different destinations and options?  Is planning taking too much time away from other things you need to get done to be able to prepare for your trip?  Are you trying to manage everything for everyone and missing out on all the fun yourself? Are you having a hard time booking everyone’s flights, the right restaurants, memorable adventures and fun experiences for everyone?

You might feel like giving up on the vacation you’ve been dreaming about because it has become overwhelming. Are you going to miss out on your dream vacation because you’re trying to manage everything yourself?

Let uAdventure Travel plan an amazing experience for you and your guests. 

We’ll plan everything for your group in your dream destination.  You can kick back and relax without the stress of researching, coordinating, booking and managing the everyday activities.  Spend your time with your friends and family without being the go to person for the entire trip.  Get the best deals from our partnerships with hundreds of suppliers.

We know what’s available and what to do in destinations around the world.  You’ll have an itinerary packed with your favorite things to do in an amazing destination., so every day will feel like a success. 

Here’s how it works…

  1. The Questionnaire: Submit your Group Travel Questionnaire inquiry form and we’ll get back to you by phone within 24- 48 hours.

  2. The Conversation: We’ll spend the time talking with you to really understand what you want to achieve on your trip.  We want to really understand what’s important to you and how you want your itinerary designed so you can focus on spending time with your family, friends or other group members.

  3. The Planning Agreement: If you decide to work with uAdventure Travel, we’ll email you our travel service agreement for you to review and sign, and pay the itinerary design planning service fee.

  4. The Planning: Now our interactions start getting exciting! Our group travel experts will research, coordinate and plan the perfect detailed itinerary for your getaway! We’ll provide you with quotes based on your questionnaire and our discussions.  If you’d like to change something, let us know.  We’ll work through changes for you to adjust activities, excursions, and experiences for you and your group.

  5. The Booking: Once we have a final itinerary, we’ll set up group contract rates with airlines and hotels and get your trip booked! We’ll be there to help with any questions or concerns.  We’ll put a package together for you that will outline the day by day activities including detailed directions to get from each activity to the next.  We’ll even have someone available 24 hours a day while you are traveling.


Experience Group Travel

Some of the best group travel experiences can be when you just want to get a bunch of friends together and go!​  Experiencing new things with your friends can be an amazing bonding experience that will last a life-time.  







If you are the organizer of a group excursion, we can get you a discount for putting the group together.  Just get at least 8-10 people and you'll save on your travel costs.


— Janice, Baltic, SD

“The whole family had a wonderful time.  It was so well planned, I didn't have to worry about a thing!”

Traveling with a group of friends and family can be a wonderful, memorable experience!  It brings people closer together and creates lifelong bonds.  When you bring your circle of friends and family together for a trip with uAdventure, you're rewarded with FREE travel for you!!! Find out all the details by clicking "on more" info below.  

We do adventure travel really well.  We plan excursions that will take your breath away.  Take a Safari in South Africa, go snowmobiling on a glacier in Iceland, or skydiving over Dubai.  Tell us what takes your breath away!

Take your family and friends on a cruise with all included meals and drinks, or take them on a river cruise stopping in a new city every day.  Europe, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean, and Alaska cruises are favorites.  Get a quote for your group.

Bring your group together with team building activities,  Focus on Team Work, Leadership, Bonding, Networking and Motivation.  Ziplining in Costa Rica, White water rafting in Chile, Adventure runs, Obstacle Courses, and more.  We'll set up the conference space, air and ground transportation and activities that will challenge your team to reach new heights.  Find out more about our customized programs.

Wanting to try something that will be an experience like no other?  We'll set you up on private tours with attention to detail at every turn.  Luxury yachts, private plane charters, and event tickets to see renown artists from around the world.  Take a private snow mobile tour in Iceland, stay at a villa on the Mediterranean, or enjoy a private over the water bungalow suite in Bora Bora with a private butler.  Let us help book that trip to remember.

Plan your destination wedding through uAdventure and earn FREE travel for you and your fiance!  We plan destination weddings for groups of 20 or more, including special hotel arrangements for the bride and groom.  We will find that perfect location for you and help with booking arrangements.  Find out all the details by clicking on the "more info" button below.

University study away programs are extremely valuable educational tools.   uAdventure helps leaders plan successful academic based study programs every step of the way from marketing the program to students, maneuvering through the web of governmental travel regulations, to providing valuable travel tips for a smooth adventure.

Whether it's a band trip to Florida or a choir excursion to Austria, uAdventure is here to make it a success!  We will provide you with customized planning, 24 hour phone assistance while you're traveling, and beautiful, full-color materials for you and your students.

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Please note: For University Professors, Instructors or Teachers, there is no fee for planning services.  Go to our Study Abroad or School Trips page for more information.

Some of our most popular destinations:

  • Peru - Lima, Cusco, Paracas, Machu Picchu, Huacachina.

  • Costa Rica - San Jose, Poas Volcano, Coffee Plantations, Tortuga Island.

  • UK - Dublin, Cliffs of Moher, Belfast, Game of Thrones, Loch Ness, Edinburgh, London.

  • Eastern Europe - Prague, Krakow, Auschwitz, Warsaw.

  • Western Europe - Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, Berlin, Holocaust Museum, Paris.

  • Spain & Portugal - Madrid, Barcelona, Segrada de Familia, Girona, Lisbon.

  • Morocco - Casablanca, Marrakesh, the Blue Streets of Chefchaouen, the Sahara, Camels.

  • China - Great Wall, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dalian, Harbin Ice Festival.

  • Thailand & Cambodia - Ankor Wat, the Killing Fields, Chaing Mai, Elephants, Pattaya.

  • Iceland - Reykjavik, Langjokull Glacier, Thingvellir National Park, Strokkur Geyser.

  • Brazil - Rio, Manaus, Amazon River, Sao Paulo, Christ the Redeemer.

  • Middle East - Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Jerusalem, Dubai, the Great Pyramids, Petra.

  • Argentina - Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Huapi National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier.

  • Italy- Rome, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre Coast, Milan, Venice.

Your customized itinerary planning will include...

One of our expert group planning travel consultants will be assigned to your trip and will provide a tailored itinerary for your group.  We will do the research, planning a coordination of every piece of your vacation.  We will do all of the bookings and make arrangements for your trip.  For groups of 10 or more we set up a portal with a login for your trip with all of the necessary documentation and information for your group to share.  It will include a chat room and all of your travel reservations so you will not only receive all of your documents by email, but everyone in your group will have access to all of the reservations in one place.


We handle the travel concierge services for you as well and we’ll provide reservations for restaurants, excursions, spa days, activities and adventures.   Our travel expert will also be your point of contact during your trip and available for help with any concerns or issues you may encounter while traveling.  You will have unlimited support from our entire team from the time we start planning until you return home.

Let’s Start Planning Your Trip!

Please note there is a non-refundable planning fee for travel planning services. Please expect a response within 48 hours of completing the the questionnaire.

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Conveniently Located in The Hammons Tower in Downtown Springfield, MO