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Springfield, Missouri

It was like living your dreams for ten days straight.


Las Cruces, New Mexico

The tours definitely made the trip memorable and the activities  were fun  for everyone in our group. 


Kansas City, Missouri

In eleven days, we got to see three different countries- The Netherlands, France, and Spain.  Seeing the architecture, experiencing the culture, and witnessing the history taught me so much more than a textbook ever would have.  I am thankful for the opportunity and will remember it for the rest of my life.

Collin (Boyuan)


During this travel, I made a lot of friends, real and close friends. When we traveled, we did everything together, it is totally different when I have class in campus or classroom.  I will remember everything during this awesome summer!


Springfield, Missouri

Being able to study away was one of the best choices I made.  In the future I can use these experiences to have a better understanding of what different customers need and want.


Baltic, South Dakota

We all had a great time on our family trip.  We were impressed with the attention to detail in planning.